Bereavement Counselling

Understanding Bereavement

The greatest tribute you can give another is to celebrate their life and grieve the loss of it.

Death will come in many guises and at different times in our lives, it may be expected or sudden and we may not be prepared for this painful journey. It could feel too soon, as in the loss of a child or young person. There may never feel a right time to say goodbye.

The grieving process has many stages, denial, isolation, anger, guilt, depression and although it may not feel possibly, or feel very unlikely in the early stages, acceptance and moving on will finnaly happen. All these feelings are normal and natural for healthy grieving to take place. It may be difficult to speak to others around you about your thoughts and feelings as you may not want to burden them with your sadness.

Talking to an experienced professional bereavement counsellor will provide you with a space to explore all your emotions. Counsellors are non judgemental and will support you in your journey through the bereavement process, while offering confidentiality and understanding.

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