Life Changes

Staying positive throughout change in your life.

We all experience change in life both for the good and bad. Life is continually changing and evolving - nothing stands still. The individual has the power to take control over most changes, however there are times when change is out of our control.

The change may be affecting you, someone you love or are acquainted to. Change can take many forms from permanent to a brief moment in life, all will have an impact. Think of the image of the ground moving below your feet - my guess is that you would reach out for something or someone to hold on to. This is not always possible in life. You may not want to share our thoughts and feelings, or there may not be anyone you could trust to hold you safely.

A regular counselling session ( usually weekly) can be the one place in your life that feels safe, grounded and holding when all around feels insecure and uncertain.

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