Pregnancy and the impact on your relationship to others.

Pregnancy for some is the most beautiful event, for others it may be the most worrying, emotionally and confusing time. Not all pregnancy's are planned and with this comes an array of emotions for all concerned. Such as with IVS. There may be worry throughout the initial treatment and pregnancy.

Conception and pregnancy is a time when relationships may be stretched and tested to their fullest. Whether planned or unplanned pregnancy can be a time of strain on a relationship. Emotions continually changing through different stages as the pregnancy develops. The relationship between partners can erode or become stronger. Both partners, relatives or friends may have a different view on the pregnancy and impending birth which could lead to conflict in their relationships.

Life will go through many changes as the pregnancy develops. Relationships will also go through change pre/post and during pregnancy are times of adjustment and change, for all concerned.

Counselling gives you a space to address and work through all your emotions and worries. A place of acceptance, non judgemental and Therapeutic Relationship.

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