Life Limiting/Terminal Illness

Life limiting or terminal illness - how to live while dying, and the impact this has on others.

The diagnosis of a terminal illness such as cancer, can be the most devastating and life changing experience. We all know at some stage in our lives we will die however most of us do not know when this will be. Being told that you or a loved one will die sooner that they had hoped may mean that you will live the last part of your, or their life with physical limitations and possibly emotional trauma.

There are many stages the terminally ill person or their loved one's will go through before they can reach acceptance - some never reach this stage but will continue to the death with frustration, anger and or unresolved issues. Never being able to say how they or you are really feeling is one of the many issues people seek counselling to explore or come to terms with.

The Terminally ill person;

 Living life while your body is dying is one of the hardest and beautiful things you can do. Gaining strength from the knowledge that you are able to address all the things which have held you back - say all you need to say to those around you. It takes an inner strength to acknowledged this is your path, and there within is beauty. Talking to someone outside your family or friends will enable you to truly be yourself, address what is yours without the concern that you may hurt or upset others. Shout, scream or rage at the world for this unjustness, then be calm and accept that this is your path.

Those around the Terminally ill

There is nothing you can do but support the person when they need it, give space when they need it, and be truthful about your feelings. This is a very difficult time and will tax your emotional well-being, for you can do nothing to 'save' them and this in itself will evoke powerful emotions within you. Counselling can support you through this difficult time and beyond.

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