Self Development

How to reach your full potential and move forward in life.

We all have the power within us to grow both physically and mentally. To do this we need to know about ourselves and how we relate to others. Maslow refers to the Hierarchy of Needs - the ultimate is to reach self actualization, this is when you have reached your goals and having all your needs meet. Can you honestly say that this has been the case for you.

When we know ourselves we feel comfortable in our skin and we are more able to give of our-self. You might like to ask yourself: How many of your beliefs and expectations are truly yours and not what you perceive as expected or demanded by others.

Are you able to stand strong with a belief ? Do you often say 'I should' know your own mind, not be swayed by others demands? Where is your self esteem - do you like yourself? We are all made of different parts, some we may like, others we may not. It is in the knowing our-self that gives us emotional growth.

The goal is to have our own autonomy.

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