How do we relate to others ?

Throughout life we are always in a relationship with another, this may be a partner, family member, colleague or friend etc. Our very first relationship starts at birth, usually to the mother or main care giver, this relationship is said to colour how we relate to others throughout out our lives.

Life experiences will also add to our understanding and expectations in a relationship or what we may believe we need from another. To allow a relationship to flurish, grow and be fulfilling both parties will need to be honest and understanding of each other. Unfortunatly this is not always the case and where we can experience negative, anxious attachments or a sense of rejection. Being in a relatonship can be a very loving, or a difficult and negative experience. It will evoke many emotions, both positive and negative, which may be difficult to understand, tolerate and live with.

For the relationship which is floundering and the couple not wanting to end the relationship, counselling will offer a neutral space where both parties can express and explore issues which may be painful and may evoke the whole spectrum of emotions. A safe therapeutic space will allow containment and a therapeutic enviroment to explore problems and difficult issues.

A relationship ending can be the most painful or liberating experience. It is at these times that we are at our most vulnerable and apprehensive, even when we are pleased and relieved to separate from the other, endings herald the beginning of a new way of life - perhaps a new relationship or the expectation of one.

The end of a relatonship is a 'Loss' and can highlight may issues which have laid dormant, suppressed or have not been acknowledged and addressed. Talking with a counsellor will help you to understand what is needed to allow the individual to continue in a positive way, to make changes and begin to live a new way of life - move on.

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