Work Place Related Issues

Trauma - Disagreements - Redundancy - Harassment - Relationships.

These are some of the difficulties you may encounter while at work, experiences which have the power to cause extreme emotional distress. To reach your full potential as an employee you need to feel at ease and safe in your workplace. Sometimes an issue at home may spill over into work, finding it difficult to concentrate, you or others may act inappropriately.This in turn will impact on your ability to do your job causing more distress and so a cycle of negative events,feelings and consiquences is triggered.

We all need to feel safe, understood and heard in our professional and personal lives to enable us to reach our full potential. We have our individual needs within a workplace or organisation, but how often are these needs met, voiced or attended to. Counselling can support you while you address what is causing you concern at work, or can be a place to process an issues from home which you believe is now spilling into your employment.

Giving you a greater depth of understanding of how emotional distress can impact on all areas of life. Employers; If you are an employer and have noticed that an employee is struggling emotionally then it would be in your best interest both as a human being and an employer to help your staff to understand what is causing them distress, holding them back from emotional wellbeing and enabling then to become more productive in their working enviroment.

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